Who am I?

I have always been very aware of nutritional needs for sportsmen and women.I’m a 67-year-old sportsman and entrepreneur, who has been running and playing sports since I could toddle. Ten years ago I set up my company Yoga Nutrition and have been successfully selling high-end liquid vitamins, organic stevia and the ayurvedic mineral resin Shilajit sourced from the UK, America and the Himalayas respectively. I have always been interested in nutrition and optimum health, and when I discovered padel a few years ago, I realised that as an older sportsman playing padel competitively, I need to ensure I am playing in the best shape possible .

Stay Padel Fit For Longer!

A healthy, balanced, organic diet is absolutely key, but when playing padel hard – particularly during long tournaments - I find I need that extra help to ensure that my body stays in the best shape whether I am playing the first game of the day, or the last. I have been using this combination of MSM, Vitamin C and the greens in different proportions for several years, until I came up with what seems an ideal balance that I can take in a capsule. I find that PadelFitPro is crucial to my performance and my recovery from intense exercise on the padel court.

Young & Hungry

Even when you're young your body will thank you for extra help when you're giving 110% and you want to go again just as hard the very next day!

Go again