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Hello! My name is Paul Thomas and I’m a super-committed fan of the fastest-growing sport across the globe – padel tennis – and I am also one of the GB Seniors Team at the European Championships 2023.

I’m an entrepreneur who has been selling high-end vitamins and supplements for the past ten years through my company Yoga Nutrition. And now the two have come together.

People ask me how I remain so fit at my age (67), have so very few injuries and none of the usual aches and pains. Well, apart from a healthy lifestyle and mainly organic diet, I have been taking a combination of Opti-MSM, vitamin C and different greens in varying proportions for several years after I found the ideal balance that can be taken in one capsule.

I decided to share it with the padel community and call it PadelFitPro.

What is PadelFitPro?

PadelFitPro is a unique supplement containing a combination of different ingredients working in synergy to best effect: bio-available Opti-MSM, also known as essential sulphur, vitamin C, organic spirulina, organic barley grass, organic chlorella and ionic trace minerals.

If you want to play longer, harder and help your body recover faster, try one bottle of PadelFitPro for a month. If you 're not happy – I will give you your money back, no quibbles


Why take PadelFitPro?

Injuries, aches and pains, muscle fatigue are all side effects of intense sports.

For competitive padel players playing match after match at one-day tournaments, the requirement for muscles and joints to remain as lubricated and flexible as possible during a tournament is key to prevent injury and support faster recovery.


Stay padel fit for longer

Who am I?

I’m a 67-year-old sportsman and entrepreneur, who has been running and playing sports since I could walk. Ten years ago I set up my company Yoga Nutrition and have been successfully selling high-end liquid vitamins, organic stevia and the ayurvedic mineral resin Shilajit sourced from the UK, America and the Himalayas respectively. I have always been interested in nutrition and optimum health, and when I discovered padel a few years ago, I realised that as an older sportsman playing padel competitively, I need to ensure I am playing in the best shape possible.


Ace Your Game with PadelFitPro

Our advanced OptiMSM 3 green formula is designed to support your muscles and joints, ensuring they remain lubricated, flexible, and primed for intense tournament play. Whether you're a competitive player like me, or a weekend warrior, PadelFitPro is your secret weapon for elasticating muscles, preventing injuries, and achieving faster recovery times.

Ask me about it when you next see me!

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